Friday Freewrite #48 – “What I will leave behind is…”

Welcome back to the Friday Freewrite!


Here’s how it works: I post a “JUMP LINE,” a short phrase that will serve as a writing prompt, each Friday.

YOU put pen to paper and write for 90 seconds. (I’ll do it, too, of course.)  Don’t think.  Don’t cross out.  (That is wise advice borrowed from Natalie Goldberg in Wild Mind.)  Just start with the prompt and see where it takes you.

Then POST YOUR RESPONSE as a comment.  (Just click the comment bubble  to the right of the post title to leave a reply.)

Today’s jump line:  What I will leave behind is…

See the comments below the post for responses.

Note to Writers Forum members in good standing: The newsletter editor will be perusing Friday Freewrite responses to publish in the newsletter.  If you DO NOT want your response printed, kindly indicate this in the comments.  We are happy to respect your wishes.  Happy writing!


3 thoughts on “Friday Freewrite #48 – “What I will leave behind is…”

  1. What I will leave behind is something that is out of my control in terms of other people’s opinions. What I can give now is trying to be honest and authentic and courageous in my actions. How that looks one hundred years from now….I don’t know.

  2. What I will leave behind are a lot of poems, some finished and some not. Scribbled spiral-bound notebooks filled with aimless pen scratchings and sprinkled with hope and insight. The children’s books my mother and grandmother bought me, illustrated by artists whose skills always surpassed my own. A whole lot of cobalt blue glass bottles.

  3. Since you nixed the rules in your most recent “not a blog” entry, I am leaving a second reply here. As this question continued to haunt me long after I left my initial thoughts, I realized, that for some reason, I went immediately to “legacy” when I thought of what I would leave behind, but all of my musings since then have been about “journey”. What am I holding onto right now that I would like to leave behind as I continue on my path? Fear, of course. The temptation to be bitter or angry, frustrated or cynical…I would like to leave all of this behind. And as insipid as this desire may sound…I really want to embrace life.

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